• Position
  • Cut Cock type
  • 8 Length
  • Athletic Body type
  • Brown Hair color
  • Brown Eye color
  • White/Caucasian Ethnicity
  • 5' 10 Height
  • 165 Weight

I got started in sex work when I was in my teens and filmed my first porn scene at twenty. Since then I’ve worked for a couple different studios and maintained my own XTube channel & tumblr. Sex work has been something I’ve enjoyed doing for the entirety of my adult life. The process for TIM was a pretty straightforward, just a simple email exchange.

I’m a big nerd & I read a lot. My favorite authors are Octavia Butler, Augusten Burroughs & Orson Scott Card. I’m a gaymer; I play Magic: the Gathering and other table-top games as well as RPGs or strategy games on console & PC. I am not a complete shut-in though, I also gogo dance on the weekends, play racquetball, rollerblade, hike, kayak and travel as much as I possibly can. This year I hit Palm Springs, Puerto Vallarta, Los Angeles, NYC, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, New Orleans and San Francisco. Looking forward to more next year!

Deodorant is the biggest; it absolutely kills it for me if I go for a guy’s pit and it smells like anything but man. Others are cigarette smoking and body hair removal. Stubble anywhere but your head is the WORST so please boys just keep the hair you’re given, it’s sexy.

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