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Currently filling the role as the Casting Director for the San Francisco Bay Area, my work with TIM started from the bottom up—literally. I love the men that make up the models in our films as well as the community of TIM globally. As a self-proclaimed slut, I love that I get to participate in the making of videos from the only company that I've ever been able to consistently jack off to.....and I can't say that filming all the hot studs that come through doesn't give me plenty more jack-off material. I've had a lot of fun getting to know the men of Treasure Island, with shout-outs to the Portland guys (Damon Dogg, Pony Hunter, and DICE) and the guys in New York (Nate Reynolds and Max Sohl). I'm excited to be able to add to the amazing work that they (and the genius that is Paul Morris) are creating. In other news, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. Make sure you check out our membership sites (TIMFuck, TIMSuck, TIMJack, Bruthaload, and KOJO), check out the TIMBlog for all things raunchy and raw, and sending in all those great comments on our videos. We love hearing from you all. Leap before you look, I always say... Other than that - enjoy all the wonderful, raw, raunchy, bareback, REAL sex from TIM....

  • Bottom/Versatile Position
  • Cut Cock type
  • 7 Length
  • Athletic Body type
  • Black Hair color
  • Black Eye color
  • Latino/Hispanic Ethnicity
  • 6' 2 Height
  • 200 Weight
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