• Versatile Position
  • Cut Cock type
  • 8 Length
  • Swimmers Build Body type
  • Brown Hair color
  • Brown Eye color
  • White/Caucasian Ethnicity
  • 5' 9 Height
  • 152 Weight

Damon has long been on a quest to become the preeminent cocksucker in America. An expert dick worshiper, he has long been a Treasure Island favorite for his award winning blowjobs.

For the compilation 'Legendary Cocksucker Damon Dogg," Paul Morris wrote the following about him. "If you’ve met DAMON DOGG, he’s probably sucked your dick. And if he didn’t, it was almost certainly your decision, not his. One of my favorite DAMON DOGG stories is this: A prickly fussy gay boy sidled up to DAMON late one night at the Powerhouse here in San Fran. DAMON had spent the evening on his knees, making his way from one dick to another to another. The fussy gay boy, hoping to hurt DAMON’s feelings, loudly announced to DAMON, “Don’t you know you’re sucking a lot of ugly men’s cocks?” DAMON, not missing a dick-loving beat, grunted “I haven’t been looking up.”

That’s DAMON. No one on the planet loves cock like he does. And from the very beginning he loved splooge as much as he loved cock. Getting that thick load of jizz down his gullet was his reward for a pleasurable job well done. Now, as you probably know, this was back when all the “porn stars” in the world were so afraid of a little jism that they’d screw their made-up faces and turn aside so a man’s load would fall sadly on their overpaid little suntanned cheeks.

So when I say that DAMON DOGG taught a generation of cock-hounds how to truly suck cock, I mean it. He’s a legend for a very good reason. If there’s a patron saint of the blow job and the soggy knee, it’s DAMON DOGG. He will always be one of my heroes."

As you browse Damon's videos, take note. You are witnessing a true expert at work.

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