Cory recently contacted us for Paul’s permission to brand himself with a T.I.M. Tattoo. In his letter he assured us that his tatt would receive a lot of attention. “I am pretty sure you guys will get lots of attention from my tattoo,” Cory said. “I want to get it right next to my perfectly shaped cock. I would be as proud of my TIM Tattoo, as I am of my dick.” Cory describes himself as a 45 years old, total top with an 8 inch cut cock and a 2g P.A. He loves gang bangs, groups, and 1-on-1’s, with a preference for gang bangs, especially with a bottom hungry for multiple seedings. Of course when we shared this with Paul, he simply replied, “Brand that pig,” sanctioning Cory into the stable of fellow Marked Men. Sol Tribe Tattoo and Body Piercing
56 Broadway
Denver, Co 80203

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  • Cock type
  • Length
  • Body type
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Ethnicity
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