Meet Joe – The latest man to join Paul Morris’ stable of Marked Men. “I wanted the Fucktards tattoo from the moment I saw it. It just caught my eye and stood out as visually ore-inspiring, controversial, bold, artistic, intelligent and per vocative, especially if I had the balls to have it in a place of prominence on my body, and anyone who saw it would instantly be interested, intrigued or shocked. The urban directory states a Fucktard is : noun, A person of unbelievable, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity. (Stupidity being defined as “knowing how and doing it wrong anyway”) NOT A CONTRACTION FOR “FUCKING RETARD”! Those who are truly “Retarded” are not responsible for their affliction. True Fucktards are 100% responsible for their situation and provide vast entertainment as they are usually blissfully unaware of their own Fucktardery. Most politicians for example. So I decided the tattoo would be appropriate curling around my existing tattoo of clock face and workings of ‘Big Ben’ which is my representation of a broken political system here in the UK. I needed to do this because I am disgusted by the way the politicians and the political system operates a nanny state, where politicians argue about same sex couples degrading the sanctity of marriage as an institution, but promote equality if it means generation more income from taxes. I was brought up through the Thatcher government years, where that government introduced legislation which made it illegal for educators and healthcare workers and youth workers to ‘promote’ homosexuality. This affected the education and information available to any young person who may be at risk of contracting HIV of getting the correct, appropriate information and support to make informed choices about their own sexual health. All this at a time where there was a Aids Pandemic Warning everywhere you looked. I believe this was a clear example of government ruling by fear and institutional bullying rather than educating and informing. Sex should be about informed choices, and the only person who can look after your own sexual health is you! I’m not having any Government telling me who, when or how to fuck For me, getting this Fucktards tattoo shows the men I’m Fucking with, that I am in control of my own destiny, and That I like to fuck not fuck about. When it comes to the basic primal instinct of man on man fucking. I’m not a person of unbelievable, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity. (Stupidity being defined as “knowing how and doing it wrong anyway”) , when it comes to fucking I make informed choices and go for it. People may say I have a bad attitude, I say fuck ’em”. “I just love T.I.M simply because it reflects the practical and emotional behaviors of men who fuck men. It’s contributor’s represent the cross section of the gay community who are truly committed to breaking down the barriers between men who have sex with men in the most liberated natural and erotic way possible, while at the same time squashing those sterile stereotypes of the 70’s porn stars or queers. T.I.M has total respect, empathy and genuineness for it’s followers and is not afraid to push the boundaries of acceptability, whilst operating within them, and the law. As a trailblazer for 21st Century Gay porn and information sharing, and therefore educating by proxy, The Island is a international institution when it comes to promoting awareness and issues around controversial subjects , but at the same time offers equality through visibility, and I am proud to appreciate and promote this amazing organization by getting inked.” “I have total and utmost respect for the T.I.M empire, and will always appreciate the work it produces by the dedicated, committed team. Fuck know’s where T.I.M will end up, but I’m sure it will grow and grow because the sky is the limit. “

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