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Rafael Carreras  

Rafael is a successful business man who owns two gay bars on a small vacation island in Spain. During the winter months, he closes his bar and spends his time traveling, photographing nature, and fucking all sorts of men. For sex, Rafael says he's a 90% top; he's not the kind of bottom that can just put his ass up in the air and take any dickā€”the connection has to be right, and when it is, he likes to be told to bottom, and the bigger the better. He loves sucking and getting sucked, rimming and getting rimmed, kissing, and lots of body contact. He absolutely loves the outdoors and having sex in open areas. He's definitely an exhibitionist and loves having guys watch him, but during gang-bangs, he admits that he "doesn't know what to do when there are too many guys around." He much prefers one-on-one or up to 4 guys total. While Rafael isn't particularly kinky, he loves guys that are flexible (like dancers), who he can bend to his whim and fuck in insane positions.


Height5' 7"
Hair ColorBlack
Body TypeMuscular Jock

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