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Bruce Jordan  

I like piggish men. The men who fit that description tend to have beards, body and facial hair, they’re a bit blokey. I like men who are in shape, but aren’t ripped or muscular. I find that men like that are so far up their own ass that the sex isn’t fun; I like medium to smaller sized hands, haha; I’m not really a fan of head hair. I like bald men. Sexually, I love to dom over a tall guy. There’s something about me being a small bloke and dominating a man bigger than me that really gets me off. And the other way around, too, I love subbing for a smaller guy; gingers! Oh god, I love ’em. Find me a ginger lumberjack, unshowered, with that man musk smell, with a big ginger beard, and hairy chest, and I’ll be a quivering mess on the floor


Height5' 9"
Hair ColorBald
Body TypeMuscular Jock

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