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a.k.a. Chris, Will Bottom

Will, short for “Will Do Anything” is TIM’s preeminent sex-slave. Before Paul Morris got a hold of him, Will was wandering the midwest, paying off strangers to let him suck them and ingest their seed in back alleys and cars. Since he was a teen he dreamed of being gangbanged in locker rooms and engaging in full-blown meat parties, and he has come to TIM to fulfill his most degenerate of fantasies. And boy are we proud to have him. Described by Paul Morris as “a total cock-worshiper” with “zero limits,” Will secured his status as a legendary cocksucker with his role in DRUNK ON CUM, coating his intestines with the jizz of a dozen men. Ultimately, it’s Will’s goal in life to discover a way to breathe deeply and suck cock at the same time.


Height5' 9"
Hair ColorBrown
Body TypeMuscular Jock

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