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Brad McGuire  

As a Midwest boy from Chicago, Brad McGuire has a well-earned reputation of pursuing random men and participating in public sex. A big supporter of the freedom of sexual expression, Brad and his long-term partner James Roscoe have both been known to appear in some of the hottest TIM Flicks. Even though James is HIV positive and they partake in bareback sex on a regular basis, Brad has remained HIV negative. Brad’s beliefs are built on the foundation that bareback sex is the basic, natural way to fuck and what most people desire. The urge he has for fucking raw will remain consistent and eternal. “With a hefty 9″ cock, and a drive to dominate any hole he wants, BRAD MCGUIRE has fucked his way into the halls of Treasure Island Media to be labeled as one of our Legendary Studs. Ask any of the bottoms what it’s like to get bred by him you get three simple words: a religious experience.” -Paul Morris


Height5' 8"
Hair ColorShaved
Body TypeMuscular Jock

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