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“I have been a fan of Paul Morris’ since seeing Fucking Crazy a few years back and have built my collection from there. The men of TI are real and clearly well versed in male pleasure. There is also still great variety in what TI offers to cater for many different tastes.” “I have wanted a tattoo for years but had never really found a design that I liked, or meant anything to me. I love the TIM logo and thought if I’m going to do it, this is what I want. My only concern was the amount of solid colour in the design, but Mickey came up with what I think is a great compromise. Considering this was my first go at being inked I think I handled it pretty well. I straddled the chair as instructed, leant forward and tried to maintain my breathing. A couple of revs of the needle and then it hit me. Holy crap – it was like no other pain, but bearable. A couple of repositions later, a bucket load of sweat dripping from my head onto the seat and it was all over. I was told to stand up and take a look, which I did, and was thrilled by what Mickey had done. That was three days ago, and touch wood, all is going well. After all of that pain, I must say that it doesn’t discourage me from getting another tattoo.” “I’m proud of my tattoo and have received many compliments since its unveiling. Best part is I know that if someone does recognise it, then there’s a pretty good chance we’re going to be compatible. Regarding the scars above the tattoo. I had a lap-band operation 11 years ago and went from over 150kg to under 80kg. The scars are from follow-up plastic surgery to remove the excess skin. There are some pics at

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