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Derek Anthony  
a.k.a. "Dickman" Derek

LA-based Derek Anthony is what one would call a silver fox, a fifty-something daddy with a big dick and a real passion for fucking. He’s got wonderfully hairy legs and dramatic tan lines, and if I had any frequent flyer miles saved up, I’d seriously consider flying to LAX just for a chance to have him bend me over. When asked about why he joined TIM, Derek said: "I was doing quite a bit of nude modeling at the time, and someone saw my pictures online. It was Treasure Island, and I didn’t really know much about them when I started. One of my ex-boyfriends told me that they were his favorite company. The people I worked with were all super nice and very well-educated. It broke down a lot of stereotypes that I had about the industry. My scenes were always pretty vanilla, and they knew that I’m not really into extreme stuff. They didn’t force me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. But Treasure Island strongly emphasizes barebacking… I knew that would be kind of controversial going into it, but I'm firm believer in the idea that the only truly "safe" sex is no sex. I’ve always been a total top, I think that’s probably why I’m negative to this day."


Height6' 0"
Hair ColorSalt/Pepper
Body TypeMuscular Jock

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